Steeped in tradition, Irish dance originated in the 17th Century. It gained a huge revival in the last few decades through shows like Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. More recently, it has gained a surge in popularity through social media, with many dancers sharing their contemporary approaches to the dance form to global captive audiences.


The Conroy Irish Dance Academy was created in 2015 by our founder Tom Conroy. We are open and welcoming students to our fun, inclusive classes for dancers of all ages, genders and abilities.

Our goal is to teach Irish dance to the best of our students' abilities, and most importantly to make it a brilliant and memorable experience. We want you to enjoy coming to classes, going to competitions and giving performances. The skills taught in Irish dance go beyond dance skills and have proven to be invaluable many years later to so many people.



Tom Conroy is an award-winning Irish dancer who has competed at the highest level. He has toured the world with his dancing since the age of 17. Amongst his achievements are his performances for FIFA and Pfizer, as well as dancing for the Saudi Royal Family whilst living in Dublin. In competition he has achieved 8th in the world, 3rd in England and 5th in the North American Nationals. As well as running classes at the Academy, Tom is also available to book for shows and events.